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Thinking Pictures Coasters Company emerged out of a pursuit to inspire and support the community.

Connor and his family created this company to open doors and provide new opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Our goal is to help these individuals use their talents and perspective to create and sell products to support local charities. We support our creators and artists by providing business coaching, production assistance, and funding. In addition to learning the basics of business, we strive to share lessons in communication, independence, entrepreneurship, and confidence – all important life skills. 

We are part of a non-profit Project Awareness And Special Sports. Thinking Pictures Coasters is an initial launch of an entrepreneurial organization with all sales going to non-profits.

How It Works

Our creators and artists are local young adults with disabilities. They have the option to choose from a number of existing products or bring their own ideas. Once a product is selected, a business plan is created and reviewed alongside volunteers. Products are then hand made, with resources and funding provided by donations. Our crafts are sold on the Thinking Pictures website, and 100% of profits from sales are donated to one of the following charities:

Products for sale on our site are hand made with care by individuals with disabilities. 


Pictures and crafted items share a story, and for many who struggle with language they offer a unique opportunity to connect and share a vision. Connor is autistic and language can be overwhelming, but photography offers him an alternative method of communicating. He and his family found a deeper way to connect by hiking and capturing pictures together. Connor’s pictures prove that words are not needed, and we believe that these pictures offer further insight into the beauty that we all have to offer. Thinking Pictures was built to let everyone showcase this beauty, regardless of disability.

Thinking Pictures Coasters was created during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to support those in our community who may need additional support. With every dollar of profit going to local nonprofits, our products benefit those that need it most. Our artists and creators are proud to be helping their community.

Janet Miller - Founder and President

Janet is a parent of a young man with autism- Her focus has always been on inclusion and creating opportunities for individuals with disabilities to thrive in their communities. She believes that we need to walk side by side and embrace our difference. Only then will her mission be complete. A long-time resident of Mill Valley she has participated in and created various organizations to promote this. Her love of photography and hiking that she shares with her older son is the inspiration behind Thinking Pictures Coasters.


Graeme Black - Co-Founder and Vice President

Graeme is a Mill Valley, California native now living in Boston. He has been involved with PAASS since 2009, when he started coaching baseball and basketball. A graduate of Tam High, Graeme attended Williams College and now works for an investment firm partnering with growing businesses. Graeme is an avid mountain biker and hiker, and also loves traveling and cooking.

Who We Are

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